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 Borsuc the mage

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PostSubject: Borsuc the mage   Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:30 pm

This is Borsuc, the same from the faction lol. I have to say in advance I like this faction, seems dedicated and active -- and it even has a forum, thanks goes to the leader and whoever else put work into it. Smile

I'm from Romania 20 years old atm, I'm somewhat of a geek in the sense that I know a lot of things computer-related such as programming, 3d modeling, image editing, audio production/processing, etc... Cool

Just started to play PWI a few weeks ago (or was it only just a week?).

oh yeah and the reason I'm mage is because I usually like wimpy mages/chars in rpgs LOL Razz

PS: my profile pic is a badger with green eyes (from Neverwinter Nights). Bursuc means badger in romanian, but Borsuc sounds better and is more "original", at least I hope so. (long story where it came from tho). You can call me Gabriel if you like real names more than nicks Very Happy

Also if anyone sees Borsuc on any other servers at the moment it's not me as I only have this char on Raging Tide... although Borsuc is pretty popular nick on the interwebs.

ok that's all for intro
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Borsuc the mage
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