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 Hiya its Drk_Void

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PostSubject: Hiya its Drk_Void   Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:53 pm

Sooooo Hi my names Drk_Void and not like the game i made this name way before that. You can call me Dark if u want. I originally played on the Heavens Tear Server as a lvl 78 Veno with the same name. I played on private servers for a little over two years because i was bored with this game. I had my own fac called Dooms_Day which was named after something else. I left my fac to come back here. I like to help other people as much as possible, but since im still at a low lvl right now i can't do very much. I came back mainly for the new classes. My DOB is 8/26/94 so im turning 16 this year. Hopefully this is a great faction and i hope to stay for a long time.
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Hiya its Drk_Void
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