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 Bozo Checking In

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PostSubject: Bozo Checking In   Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:54 am

Hey Everyone, I am not much for forums but I will try and see if I can't be on here from time to time for the important stuff.

My name is Dane. I am 26, married to my beautiful wife Christiann, and we live in the U.S. Call me Bozo in game, but you will see me as IHateClowns (Wizard). (I know right, what an original forum name!)

I had a level 48 archer on a different faction, but since my wife plays (RubyTuesday) I needed to set-up a new account. Being the awesome husband that I am, I decided to let her keep her characters. Plus now we can play together from time to time when we are away.

I always enjoy helping others out in the game so hunt me down if you need help questing Mobs. My computer is like watching two old people have sex (slow and painful) so I don't do well in FBs Very Happy I always have an ample supply of Nectar and Golden Herbs so let me know if you ever need to trade and don't want to pay 500 coin for some sweet, sweet Nectar.

Hope to get to know all in the faction and any newcomers. I am usually on everyday it seems so I look forward to playing with you all.

Yes I do actually hate clowns. It is called Coulrophobia--yes it is real.
I kid though, have no fear of clowns, just hate them.....creepy things. clown See!
It is Freakin' Creepy!

Also, I hate a cat named RubyTuesday (hence my wife's char name) A Chinchilla named MerKitta. "Mer-Key-Tah" and a mali uromastyx lizard names Zepplin Not my lizard, but just to give you an idea of what they look like.

Later All!
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Bozo Checking In
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