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 My rulez r very simple

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PostSubject: My rulez r very simple   Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:36 am

1) Have fun & enjoy the game

2) I DEMAND respect for me & my officers. I will not tolerate disrespect in the faction. I will have a word with u on it & if u still can't c it my way , u can & will be kicked.

3) Work as a team & family, not as just members in a faction. If u intend to stay in SkyDragon then this is gonna b ur home.

4) Help others as much as u possibly can. It relieves the stress off the higher lvls & officers who r tryin to help with FB's & tryin to also lvl themselves.

5) Treat others as u would want to b treated. If u have a prob with another player take it to whisp plz. It will cut down on the drama within the faction & not get other members involved who dont need to b involved. If u still can't work out ur differences, contact an officer.

I am done! Simple rulez, not that hard to follow. And if u can't follow them then press g in the game & click on leave faction. Tyvm 4 ur time.
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My rulez r very simple
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