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 Theo the Troll

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PostSubject: Theo the Troll   Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:36 am

Hi my name is the same name as my cleric. I am 19yrs old, I come from Harshland server and Lost City.
My characters on LC are
Ilos 7x wizard
Nina_Archer 6x archer
rofl_mancer 8x veno
Rofl_Archer: 7x Archer

Ilos: 1x wizard xD

Theo 81 Cleric
rofl_mancer 30 veno
Ilos 11 Wizard
lag 30 Fist BM
Shinzoro 37 Archer

Im pretty much calm 24/7 and rarely ever get mad, love helping and talking to people. Also Brenden and Tia are my family so treat them well or else I will be pissed. ^^

Im extremely honest so any question you want to ask me just pm me in-game on: Theo or rofl_mancer, or Shinzoro

Also some simple info about me, I am the Ex-Manic Leader, came from Abysss as well.
Never had a faction on HL, I was uber noob, like didnt know how to even kill when I started
Lost City I was a officer of Ominous, so I learned a whole lot on pvp TW and special tricks to give you the advantage in pvp against any race, so feel free to ask me if there is something you wanna know^^
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Theo the Troll
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